Saturday, May 22, 2010

In the giver who is Rosemary?

it says something about it being the givers daughter but its really confusing

In the giver who is Rosemary?
Rosemary was the daughter of the giver. She was supposed to be the next giver but when she found out the secrets of this utopian society she refused to be a part of it and was "released." she also decided that she wanted to be the one to "release" herself by enjecting the needle in her own vein. In essence she kills herself.

Hope I was able to help.
Reply:the giver's daughter who was next in line to be the receiver who couldn't take it anymore when they got to the bad memories and released herself. all the bad memories went out into the open for all the people to have.
Reply:She represents how fragile the society is. When she got euthanasized, her memories went floating around the town and random people absorbed them. It was a disaster for the controlled environment, because all these people who were not prepared for painful experiences suddenly had intensely painful memories that they couldn't stop feeling.
Reply:My friends and I think that perhaps she really was his daughter and that he donates his sperm to the birthmothers and whoever gets his sperm gives birth to the next Giver. It never really specifies if she really was her real biological daughter or not but that is what we think could have happened. That would explain why both the Giver and Jonas have light eyes, because perhaps Giver is Jonas's biological father. Or she just could have been assigned to him. It's really open ended so you can really think whatever you want.
Reply:Rosemary is the Givers daughter, not his biological daughter but his adopted daughter since all the kids in the utopia are adopted. The giver wanted her to be the reciever and gave her fragments of memories, but then Rosemary got sensitive about them and wanted to be exiled from the utopia.

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