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How much money can you make selling Rosemary?

Well, if you are going to grow and sell rosemary might I suggest that you also grow other herbs to go along with the rosemary. Like thyme , basil ,dill and chives for example. those are all high dollar per ounce items(check and see what the grocery store charges for just a 1/4 of an ounce). I was a chef for 15 years and have grown dependant on cooking with fresh herbs. I then would check and see what suppliers charge for them(for example a company like Sysco) and charge a little less. Then I would go to some local fine dining resturants and speak to the executive chef and try to establish a deal/contract for him to purchase your product using the tactic that you are a "local" grower and can deliver "whenever" he/she needs a delivery. And in turn he/she is supporting a local business. And also add the little tidbit that you take great pride in the care and growing your herbs naturally. When I was executive chef at a 3 star bistro I not only bought my herbs from a local grower but I also bought tomatoes green beans and a few other veggies from a local farmer and the difference in taste was so much better. And ,for me, knowing I supported a local business man instead of supporting a corporate giant gave me good feeling that I was helping the local economy. Best of luck to you,friend..........

How much money can you make selling Rosemary?
I don't know, is Rosemary good looking?

Seriously, though it will depend on what you do with it. Fresh will be hard to sell enough of it to do much. Dried and packaged, you might have a small gold mine. Almost all spices bring good prices, even at wholesale. If I was doing and had the ground, I would not limit myself to one spice. thyme, basil, coriander (also called cilantro) garlic, and other spices that can be grown bring good prices. Garlic is particularly easy to grow and brings a good price in many varieties from fresh to ground to extracts.
Reply:The key to your question is "make Money" by this I assume you mean profit. Fresh rosemary can bring from $8.00 to $20.00 per pound if quality and service are unusually good. By the time you deduct cost of growing, cleaning, packaging, selling, delivering, accounting, collecting on debits, paying taxes you will find yourself working 80 hrs a week to get deeper in debit. If you have really cheap labor, cheat on your taxes (not recommended) and deliver by bicycle you could make it work.
Reply:depends on how good looking she is
Reply:You might want to inquire at some of your local restaurants. Chefs are starting to look for locally grown produce more and more. There are a lot of recipes that call for using rosemary sprigs as skewers. Find out what they are looking for and take them some samples. Just be sure that you can deliver what they want consistently, in the quality and quantities they demand.

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